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At Turnip Starfish we create imaginative, original animated character led brands, for television, mobile phones and the Internet. The team have been producing animation since 1999 for lots of different clients.

We love making cartoons and we have been doing it for a while. If you think you have a project you would like us to look at, feel free to give ua a buzz!  BUZZ!

Published on Aug 28, 2015

We loved making this advert for the Trading Places programme with First Campus.

Director - Nick Price
Producer - Nick Price
Assistant Producer - Katherine Keeble-Buckle
Studio Manager - Lexy Jones
Director Of Photography - Andrew Evans

Assistant Set Design - Abby Greenhaf
Assistant Set Design - Eve Koivurinta
On Set Carpenter and Builder - Kevin Williams
Runner - Geraint Luther

Lead Actor - Owain Jones
Lead Actor - Efa Blosse-Mason
Actor - Seren Haf Carter
Actor - Geraint Luther

Lead Animator - Lexy Jones
Lead Animator - Nick Price
GC Drone Animation - Nick Hood
Assistant Animator - Emma Lear
Assistant Animator - Seren Haf Carter
Assistant Animator - Kevin Williams
Assistant Animator - Abby Greenhaf
Assistant Animator - Eve Koivurinta
Assistant Animator - Geraint Luther

Music -

Also thanks to:
NEM - no exception made 
Kirsty - Home by Kirsty 
Steph and Stephannie for the sofa!
Rodger Cann - for additional lighting and studio support
The University of South Wales, Cardiff Campus, Atrium film studio

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